Application Architect System Development Specialist RN Service Associate

Company Name:
Koch Davis
Application architect will be supporting the point of sale system which is 3-tier and runs on jetty with oracle as the main data source. Include 20% design, 0-5% development, 25% leading, and the other 50% doing requirement analysis. This is both front end (GUI, design) development and back end development. He or she will be working with the other development and business teams to coordinate projects and releases. Other includes assisting current contracting teams and creating POCs, leading the design and architecture, architectural reviews, and code reviews.
5-10 years web development experience. Front-end (GUI) and back-end experience. Required knowledge of Java (primary code), Oracle (db for all transaction and configuration data), Ajax (javascript library, HTML, CSS), and back-end (Tapestry). Preferred front end design experience.
Not specified
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