Miyano Applications Engineer- Siemens Control

Miyano Applications Engineer- Siemens Control
Company Work Location: Allendale, NJ
Salary: $60,000 - $65,000

We are looking for Precision Machinist candidates. Make sure you must add "Precision Machining experience in your resume before you apply to this job. We prefer experience from "Medical device, dental, orthopedic, Biological, Military related clients/industry experience preferred"
Relocation Expenses is provided.

JOB Responsibilities:
o Developing post-processor programs between spirit and our CNC lathes to help in our machining processes.
o Develop, optimize, and maintain program templates and tools / fixtures libraries to expedite CAD-to-Production method, whereas increasing our machining method potency and accuracy for our tight-tolerance consumables.
o Perform 1st half run off; guaranteeing machine acceptance
o Perform machine programming per client specifications
o Phone support for troubleshooting; daily and significant sometimes
o Will be trained on applications tasks and responsibilities.
o Travel required; usually same day to help customers.
o Occasionally nightlong or 2 day stays needed
o Set up and operate CNC Takamaz, Hass, F100 and Miyano machines.
o Must be able to scan blue prints and use the required activity tools (micrometers, calipers, dial indicators, comparator, etc.)
o Must be versatile and have smart communications skills and be self-motivated.
o Must be knowledgeable of applicable safety needs touching on the operation of CNC machinery.
o Must perceive programming requirements; be able to create necessary corrections to programs.
o Must be able to scan blue prints, follow work order and verbal directions, and be aware of Siemens or Fanuc controls.

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