Unisys Solution Architect

Company Name:
Axius Technology Inc.
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Job Description:
Good knowledge on COBOL, MASM. Knowledge on C and Java would be an additional advantage
Good knowledge on Unisys mainframe, ECL/SSG, DMS, RDMS and must have experience in batch job
Good experience in DMS 2200 logical and physical database design and support
Good experience in RDMS 2200 table design, support, and storage definition and support
Provide thought leadership and innovative solution design addressing the client's unique mission needs
Perform full system analysis from technical implementation to business process management
Manage multiple solution offerings with long term vision for system enhancement, consolidation, and integration
Provide technical leadership in terms of delivery, release prioritization.
Provide technical input and solution design for transformation (e.g., HW, SW, Agile)
Support related Unisys business development and proposal development activities
Social Team--Axius Technologies
Contact Numbers:
Surya : 703-738-6662 Ext:102
Sandeep : 703-738-6662 Ext:106
Please forward resume to cv(at)axiustek.com keep subject line as Job Title and Location
Only EAD,Green Card and US Citizens can apply
Leading Corporation: (C)
Reporting Manager: (S)
Concerned Recruiter:(KS)

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